Kwiksta and a new leaf!

This post signals an intention to improve my appalling lack of posting on this blog. So, what better way to turn over a leaf than with an exciting new project!

I’ve been lucky enough to be one of the first teachers involved with Kwiksta – Sam Paddock of GetSmarter‘s latest venture. Kwiksta is an online learning platform where teachers can upload material, and students can purchase their content to learn from. “Kwiksta” stands for “Know What I Know” and I think it marks a serious move forward in the future of online learning. For more info check out

My first Kwik published on the platform is called “How to Make Your Blog Best Friends With Search Engines“, and goes into detail about how to optimise your blog posts for maximum visibility on search engines. The Kwik costs US$20 to download once off, and then the content is yours forever. Payment works via Paypal, and it’s a quick and easy process to register and purchase.

I would love to hear your comments – either on that Kwik, or on future ones you’d like to see. There are big plans for content I want to publish there in future, so stay tuned!



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