Keyword research tools for social media sites

I was asked recently if there are any keyword research tools besides Google’s free keyword tool for specific social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Especially if you’re marketing your brand on these sites, it’s useful to research what keyword searches are specific to each site.


Since YouTube is a Google-owned property, Google has reworked their keyword tool to be specific for YouTube searches. If you’re optimising your video for popular searches on the site, use the YouTube keyword suggestion tool.


If you want to access Facebook demographic and keyword statistics, the bad news is you’ll have to have a Facebook Page up and running to access Facebook Insights, the site’s internal analytics tool. If you don’t have a Facebook Page yet, you can still use Facebook’s newly-revamped internal search tool with drop-down suggestions to find out what your target market is searching for.


Although Twitter doesn’t have an internal keyword research tool like Google or YouTube, you can still see what’s trending on the site as a whole via the “Trending Topics” links beneath the search bar on Twitter’s internal search page. You can also click the “Advanced Search” link alongside the search box to find tweets related to a specific keyword. In terms of external sites, is a good way of finding popular hashtags, or current themes for tweets.

Overall, it’s worth noting that search trends on Twitter are likely to be more current than searches on Google, which are likely to be more evergreen. Also, if something’s searched for on Google, it’s likely to also be popular on a site like Facebook and Twitter.