Realising the power of Twitter

Replyz is a new add-on service to Twitter that allows you to quickly ask and get answers from Twitter users, and answer questions others are asking. Replyz does this by pulling out the tweets it thinks are questions into its interface that you then sign into using your Twitter login details.

For businesses, Replyz offers a convenient way to keep track of your reputation online and establish yourself as an expert in a particular industry. For example, you can do searches on your brand name or on words relating to your industry and quickly answer questions that you have the knowledge and expertise to answer. You can also get widespread feedback on a product, service or idea from people beyond your immediate sphere of influence, since you’re asking and answering questions to people beyond your followers and those on your lists. Finally, you can quickly pinpoint customer complaints, answer queries from your existing customers, and find opportunities for new service offerings based on what people are asking for.

Overall, I think Replyz represents a significant milestone in Twitter’s perceived value. More and more, people (and businesses) are seeing the microblogging giant less as a way to broadcast narcissistic bleats about your personal life or brand, and more as a way to extract real value from a critical mass of people in real time.